Santa’s looking good with Scentsy!

Scentsy Gifts


Try some stress free shopping this year! See what Scentsy are offering each and every member of the family with fragrances to suit.


From safe, flame-free fragrance warmers to cuddly toys for the children, you won’t be disappointed – especially when your online order is delivered so securely and quickly by Courier (UPS) right to your door here in Canada.

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Scentsy “Monster Monday” Sale ~ Last chance!!

scentsy monster monday canada

Thousands of shoppers across Canada have stayed up late to be first through the door on Monster Monday Scentsy Sales this October!

Now there’s just ONE Monster Monday left to SAVE up to 75% on select Scentsy Fragrance items. Visit my site for a PREVIEW of items going on sale Monday at 12:00 a.m. PT when the full savings will be revealed!

IMAGINE saving on cute little red and white polka dot “Valentine“, feeling “Comfy Cozy” in red cable knit, or enjoying the elegance of a new, wildly popular Scentsy vase like “Strata” in tones of burnt brick and umber!?

SCENTSY products make fabulous gifts all year round but today’s savvy shoppers will always jump at the chance to save and pay less… So if you’re looking for bargain prices for all your favorite products look no further than our “Monster Monday” sales for huge discounts on:

Scentsy Bud Plug-In

  • Scentsy warmers,
  • Scentsy vases,
  • Scentsy decorative plates and stands,
  • Scentsy room sprays,
  • Layers solid perfumes.
  • Scentsy plugins,
  • Layers shower gel,
  • Scentsy buddies,
  • Layers body butter

The fully discounted SALE PRICES will only show on my website at 12 AM and next Monday is the last day these products will be available at such low prices this year, so don’t get left behind…

Steal a peek and sneak through the cracks for your very own Scentsy bargains come Monster Monday!

Have fun 🙂

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Hurry and Save on Scentsy – 10% off!


It’s sad to say goodbye to summer but you can hang on to a few of your favorites with 10% off  this month only.

See which Scentsy warmers and fragrances you can save on and take your pick before the Fall / Winter Scentsy catalog replaces this one in September.

If you have early Christmas Shopping in mind, see what else is on sale this month:

  • Remember you can always Combine and Save with Scentsy – get more for your money all year round.

Scentsy Combine and Save

Scentsy Fragrances Sparkle with Solid Perfume!

Are you stuck for new Scentsy Valentine shopping ideas this year? The Scentsy Solid Perfume range introduce’s a fresh twist on Scentsy fine fragrances. Enjoy the most attractive Scentsy fragrances, now produced as fine-fragrance perfumes that work with your unique body chemistry to create your one of a kind, captivating Scentsy fragrance that is uniquely you!

SLEEK PACKAGING unique to Scentsy Solid Perfume give you sophisticated and new Holiday season shopping ideas.  Our solid perfumes are small enough to fit easily in your hand, hardy enough to throw in your bag/car and never worry about breakage or a spill!  They come embossed with SCENTSY and your favorite Scentsy Fragrance names set in an attractive bold font and recessed fine print around a solid black tube.

The Scentsy solid perfume snaps open and shut while the 14g of fine fragrance inside can be twisted up just enough to give your skin that silky touch… unique to you, your body chemistry & Scentsy!

For new Valentine Shopping ideas explore our Scentsy Fine Fragrances today and make your Valentine shopping a snap – Familiar names and scentsy fragrances will help you choose from many popular Scentsy solid perfumes.  The first to be produced were:

  • ‘Simply Irresistable’   (Lavender with a strong, woody background of amber, moss and musk);
  • ‘Enchanted Mist’   (Romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine);
  • ‘Love Story’    (Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate);
  • ‘My Wish’   (A confection of earthy fig, sweet violet, and playful marshmallow will have you wishing for more); and
  • ‘Satin Sheets’  (Sensual and earthy sandalwood perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla).

However there are now NEW fragrances to wear that work with your body chemistry to create that unique fragrance you love, including Zeppelin, Luna and more… Visit my page to see more:

ENJOY BROWSING our Scentsy Fine Fragrances online. My name is Anne Dix, and I welcome you to see how easy it is to purchase something the men and women in your life will enjoy without being overwhelmed by strong spray perfume. Solid stick perfume is so much more practical, sleek and totally leak proof.

If you want to try it out with your other Scentsy favorites, remember you can SAVE with our Combine and Save options.

SHOP ONLINE NOW – so you have your Scentsy fragrance in an attractive solid perfume cylinder wrapped and ready for that special someone soon.

Scentsy Wickless Fragrances Enliven Your Home!

Safer * Stronger * Longer Lasting *

What are these wickless wonders made by Scentsy? How can you have a beautiful scented candle without a wick? Well since 2009, Canada has enjoyed the “hottest” new thing since scented candles, without all the safety issues that have plagued candles for decades!

For those who are wondering ‘What is a Scentsy warmer?’ – they are the next best thing to scented candles ~ absolutely beautiful ceramic warmers with a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts a fragrant Scentsy bar in the lid on top ~ which fill your home or office with one of more than 80 great, long-lasting scents!  These gorgeous scents are produced in Boise, Idaho where Scentsy started up over six years ago.  They are one of the fasted growing companies according to 500 Inc. and operate in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico & Guam.  In 2011, Scentsy expanded into Germany, the UK and Ireland which is another sign of the company’s phenomenal growth, despite the economy!

Myself, I was introduced to Scentsy when I purchased “Angora”  through a friend of mine who is a Star Director with Scentsy here in beautiful British Columbia.

Altogether, Scentsy boast over 11 Full-Size Warmer collections and each is a delight for those who enjoy the latest in trendy design, texture and colour to complement their home or office decor!  Another good reason why office personnel are now asking for Scentsy Basket parties at work… not just Avon & Mary Kay who have been around for years… Scentsy is new, safe and trendy!

This is why Scentsy Makes Perfect Scents!

So, as you can see it’s not difficult to enjoy Scentsy; and here are just a few reasons why I love their products and use wickless candle warmers in my home, car and gym bag:

  • First of all the ceramic warmers look stunning everywhere in my home, with so many different designs to match any room, decor, personal taste, age group in our family;
  • Secondly, the fragrances are awesome and Scentsy also use these in their other products, namely the popular Travel Tins, Scent Paks, Fragrance Foams, Room Sprays and Scent Circles. With over 80 fragrances to choose from,  there is certainly something for everyone in my family :); and
  • Thirdly, because there is no flame, Scentsy is safer than a candle. I don’t ever have to worry that my pets will knock it over and start a fire, or anyone could get burned the way they could with candles and an open flame.  Also, there is no dirty or dangerous smoke to breathe in or soot to deposit on our walls.

See what other people think  and what Scentsy is hoping to achieve with their products in this short Scentsy Video:

Scentsy Canada keep consultants and customers coming back for more with numerous exciting ways to Donate, Save and Participate in their communities. With creative fundraising and both annual / monthly specials, Scentsy is constantly raising awareness and increasing their customer base with families, individuals, businesses and charities.  They make it a priority to reach out to those who need a helping hand or just an incentive to make a difference in someone’s life, e.g.

  • SCENTSY FUNDRAISERS  ~ Raising awareness for Charities, with the Charitable Cause Warmers e.g. Spring/Summer 2011 they raised over 522,000 for AUTISM SPEAKS through sales and the SCENTSY FAMILY FOUNDATION.

Monthly special warmers introduce spectacular new designs that soon prove popular and often remain in demand long beyond their sell-by dates!

Harvest Means "Maize!"


Wonderful crisp winter evenings and flakes of snow are welcoming a cozy holiday season and Christmas is almost upon us ~ so what is fueling the fun with Scentsy?


1) Our NEW Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog offers some scrumptious new warmers and scents along with the gorgeous Holiday collection; including some bargain deals to make the most of this Cyber Monday with Closeout and Warmer & Scent of the Month specials!

2) Velata fun fondues ( are forever popular & a fabulous Gift Choice for Christmas parties and gifts…

3)  If you’re into BAGS & jewellery to match your style look at Grace Adele:  – yet another product line from the Scentsy Family Group.  If you’re interested in signing up for this I can help you do that – just get in touch by submitting my Contact Form, along with any queries.

Scentsy is fun, especially meeting so many people from all walks of life!! You can do it full time OR part time.  Enjoy bringing in as much as you want and help pay for that special project you’ve been planning or save for that special holiday you’ve been dreaming about.

Learn More about the Scentsy Family on ourSCENTSY FAMILY FOUNDATION website.

Facebook – Look forward to chatting with you on my “Wickless Fragrances” Fan Page with new brands, videos, tips & giveaways!

Click on CONTACT if you have any queries – and I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Have a wonderful day, a Festive Holiday Season and “Thanks for dropping by my blog.”  


  • Anne

Spring Into a Scentsy Summer!

At last, Spring is officially here – even as far North as we find ourselves in Canada!

Despite the past April Showers, nothing can stop the delight bright yellow daffodils, purple pansies and pink tulips bring to weary, winter sodden eyes 🙂 as we look forward to May and summer sunshine…


With the new Spring and Summer fragrances available now through Scentsy, we can at last dream of stretching out on sun-drenched grass to let the long winter chill become a distant memory ~ replaced only by the nurturing warmth of spring.

Relax and remember the freewheeling days of summers past and find out how simple it is to create new, radiant memories with these gorgeous new scents… A few of my new favorites so far, are: “Serene Green“, “Tiare Maohi” and “A Wink and a Smile“.  As you will discover, these three wickless fragrances conjure images of tulips, and daffodils, distant beaches with luscious gardenia and coconut as well as the happiness of lime, verbena and citrus to refresh the senses!

SBAWSMore new fragrances introduced this Scentsy Spring Summer Catalogue include “Pink Cutie Pie” with a kaleidoscope of fresh citrus (clementines, puckery pomelo, and sunny mandarin) with a swoosh of musk.

While “Lime & Kiwi” introduces a refreshing mixture of summer cooler, with icy lime, juicy kiwi, and bright cantaloupe.  SBLKC

Mmmmm…. summer days ahead, not an April shower too soon 🙂  I know everyone I’ve shared these new fragrances with have loved them.

Especially enjoyable in this year’s Scentsy Spring Summer collection is the natural, fruit and floral nature of these beautiful fragrances.  Simply gorgeous at bringing the outdoors in, as only Scentsy can.

I know I’m enjoying the ability to switch up my Scents as the mood takes me ~ and I know it’s safe, sunny and good enough to share with friends and family.  If you ever have any questions about these wonderful wickless fragrances, please feel free to contact me on my website at  Speak soon and have a wonderful Spring and Summer!

Celebrate Father’s Day with Scentsy!

Are the men in your life super hero’s in your family who also enjoy some time off fishing All loving Fathers are heros in our lives, and deserve to be spoilt this Father’s Day.  Often there are so many things that our Father’s do for us that we take for granted. Whether it’s the love they share for you and your child, or the loving father figure they provide for your children to admire!  Many a hug and a kiss for and from Dad’s make the Fathers in our lives one of a kind, ours only – Dad’s who are priceless, precious and heartwarming!

Often Fathers are also the main income earner in the family and that security is something to be thankful for, but so often we forget to thank them for it.  The Fathers in our lives also love to be kids and the adventure they provide with impromptu camping trips or fishing expeditions provide memories that are cherished for ever.  Dads often jump at a chance to get outside with the kids – heck it gives them a chance to be what they love being most – a kid at heart, right?

Fathers who love to spend time with their children are often enjoying a well-deserved chance for them to de-stress.  Any opportunity to forget the office, the mortgage, the necessary areas of our life that burden us, is a gift.  Stress is a killer for both Mothers and Fathers – and if we suffer, our kids do too!

Any surprise that Scentsy chose “Lotus Cove” as our Father’s Day Scent of the Month this year?  De-stress when you dive into a crystalline pool of cool water tucked into a secluded cove with the June, Scentsy Scent of the Month: Lotus Cove.  Lotus Cove is a splash of sea air, earthy lavender, and water flowers anchored by rustic driftwood.

Share Fantastic Belgian Chocolate Fondues with Velata!

At last Velata Fondues with silky smooth and exquisite Belgian chocolate for dessert tonight…

Not just a wish, soon to be a reality. I have my Velata Fondue kit arriving any day now and my taste buds can’t wait!! Today, May 1st, Scentsy have just launched a new product line with “VELATA” an enticing array of brightly coloured warmers along the lines of the much loved and traditional Scentsy Wickless Warmers which have proved so popular over the last few years since the company launched in 2004.

So what is different about the “Velata” Fondue warmers?

Think chocolate!  The Scentsy Group have designed special silicone lids to warm dark, silky, deliciously smooth Belgian chocolate to that “perfect” temperature!  Warming your appetite with Belgian chocolate in a Velata Fondue warmer is something any chocolate lover needs to experience.

Velata Chocolate

Even though I mention ‘dark’ chocolate because it’s my favourite, Velata also offer three other velvety chocolate flavours, namely ‘milk’, ‘white’ and ‘caramel.’  These come in microwaveable pouches which pour easily into the Velata fondue lid, once warmed. The new Scentsy fondue warmer lids then maintain the perfect dipping temperature to enhance your chocolate fondue experience.

Velata Fondue warmers themselves are designed in contemporary colours and typically Scentsy designs to appeal to a wide audience, from the sleek sophisticat ‘Black’ Velata to the summer fresh blue, green, red and orange colours we love at this time of year.   Whether you favour the vivaciousness of the ‘Curve‘ collection, the sunny statement of the “Pedestal” collection …

OR the sleek romance of the Rouge and Noir collections, there’s a Velata Fondue for everyone’s taste.

The Scentsy Group are masters at anticipating what their customers enjoy and I think the new Velata Fondues are going to be a popular feature between families and especially at summer parties and BBQs this Summer 2012!

Scentsy “Spring Sprint” in Vancouver this Weekend

Spring is just around the corner, the sun is shining… and we can feel the warmth here in Vancouver! This Saturday the Scentsy “Spring Sprint” team complete the Canadian leg of their Spring Sprint North American tour in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia, the awesome host of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games just two years ago.  Spring Sprint was so well received in Vancouver in 2011, that this year’s event SOLD OUT weeks ago… No surprise, when you learn how popular Scentsy is as North America’s No. 1 fastest growing direct sales company, and the beauty of Vancouver in BC ~ the two spell ‘scentsational’ for a fun weekend!

Hundreds of excited Scentsy Consultants are sprinting for Spring and making last minute plans to head for the airport to enjoy meeting friends and colleagues from across Western Canada in Vancouver this weekend.  Last year’s Spring Sprint was a first in laid back Vancouver, which lived up to it’s reputation for being a warm place to chill, especially for those coming from East of the Rockies!  I know I was was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the event and the amount of Scentsy product and training that Scentsy consultants received, all in the space of one day downtown Vancouver.  We actually walked away with more product than we had paid for the entire event, which is all in keeping with Scentsy’s motto of “Give more than you get…” or something like that 🙂

Last Spring, the Scentsy Team  were organized, passionate and encouraging ~ despite the magnitude of the trip with two seperate teams in highly visible Scentsy RVs and trailers, travelling both north and south across North America.  They covered nearly 9,000 miles to bring Scentsy to 27 cities in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico inside the space of just one month.  Quite a feat!

Presentations put on by the Scentsy employees and executives were colourful, relevant and meaningful for all Scentsy consultants, whether aspiring ‘work from home’ Moms, small business professionals, realtors wanting to make their homes smell better than their competitors or even members of government services like the RCMP.  That was the video that spoke most to me, giving us the credibility that is so often lacking in the direct sales industry, and what I’m looking forward to when I attend the Scentsy Spring Sprint here in Vancouver again.

Piece by Piece Raised Money for Autism

Scentsy’s credibility is what makes it stand out in the direct sales industry.  They have increased their sales by over 300% per year since they started business from a 40 foot container on a sheep farm in Meridian, Idaho in the USA.  The financial markets did not slow Scentsy down the last few years, and their founders, Orville and Heidi Thompson, have received numerous meaningful business awards.  After opening in Puerto Rico, they also started business in Canada in 2009, and expanded into the UK, Germany and Ireland in 2011. This year is starting out with a Sprint, so 2012 will be no less exciting.

New product lines to look out for in Spring include ‘Layers By Scentsy’ which will include fabulous Bath, Body and innovative Laundry products e.g. Layers shampoo, Layers body lotion, the (current) Scentsy Solid Perfume and Layers laundry fragrance disks;

Layers by Scentsy

… and ‘Sincerely Scent’, which introduces a one of a kind, online scented card service. Sincerely Scent is another fabulous Scentsy idea, which will be fully customizable with your own or online images, messages etc. and the price includes delivery of the card to your friend, family, loved ones – with your choice of Scentsy fragrance on the card.  Imagine the delight on their faces when they get a card like this from you, through Sincerely Scent.

Scentsy Sincerely Scent

Looks like 2012 is smelling good for those who love Scentsy! If you would like to join us and have this much fun next year, please CONTACT me on my official website.  We are building teams in Vancouver and across the whole of BC and Canada, so find out more about us today.

Scentsy, South Surrey 10% Off in February

Why is February a Great Time to Buy Scentsy?

… Because you may agree that a “10% off Scentsy Sale sounds good to me”

During the month of February only, Scentsy is offering 10% off the whole Fall/Winter 2011 Scentsy Catalog. It’s a great time to stock up on new and favourite scents, buy that Scentsy warmer you have had on your wishlist since Christmas, and spoil the loved ones in your life with a unique Scentsy wedding gift or birthday present. So this is the time to contact your local Scentsy consultant, ask her for a Basket to take to work and share with your colleagues, or your family and friends; or book a party for later this month.  If you live anywhere near me and Scentsy, South Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, White Rock, Vancouver, BC I can help you BOOK one with me today…

But wait ~ what is so great about a Scentsy party?  It’s the sparkle you get when friends and Scentsy products discover each other, it happens naturally—laughing, sharing, and reminiscing! Time and again our Scentsy wickless fragrances evoke special memories and have different meanings for everyone. That’s why our products can’t be explained—they have to be experienced. And that’s why Scentsy parties are so much fun, but especially when almost all Scentsy products are reduced by 10% this month only.

Flameless, smokeless, and soot-free— Yes, Scentsy’s wickless candle bars and electric warmers ensure you enjoy all the sensory delights of scented candles without the dangers of an open flame. How does it work you may ask? Simply turn it on and enjoy one of 80-plus unique Scentsy fragrances.

To find out more, visit my website here: and select the Host Page where you have access to all the information you need about a Scentsy Party. Decide what style of party you want to enjoy, SEE the discounts on offer this month and then Schedule a Party. I will be in touch as soon as I receive your request.

You don’t even have to attend a “party” to benefit from the Scentsy 10% sale discount and have free Shipping and Handling. That’s because ALL orders where the retail is CAD $200 or more, earns free S&H in Canada. If you live in South Surrey/White Rock/Cloverdale/Langley/Delta/Surrey near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada and want to know more about how to buy online OR host a Scentsy Party (either Basket/Home/Open House), please Contact me today!

I am also happy to help you “POOL” your online orders through the Contact Form on my website here:   Contact me today to find out more, or read how to do this below.


It’s as simple as browsing online, as if you were going to place an order… but do not place your order online… Instead browse, decide what you like and add it to your cart to view how much it comes to with Shipping (this S&H is what you will save by putting the order through me instead). So Contact me through my official website, click the category: Buying Scentsy Product & send me your order details & how you wish to pay for it? I will respond as soon as I receive your request.

What is in this for you? By pooling your orders with my other customers, in an Online Party, I can ensure you get your choice of a Half-Price Item plus free Shipping.  The only condition is that I receive enough pooled orders to qualify the Party i.e. orders must equal or be greater than the  US$150/CA$200 target for a “Party” to be qualified.

Qualifying Parties are eligible for February’s 2012 free and half-price rewards, as well as 10% off all orders. So visit my Website today; spread the word and let me know what you want and how you plan to pay for it? We accept Visa/MasterCard/American Express for online orders.

To qualify, orders must be placed and parties must be closed by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on February 28.

February Special “Flutterby” and fragrance “Pixie”

What’s With Oranges & Scentsy on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s Begin with Why People Love Oranges, and Chocolate?

I have no idea!  All I know, is that I cannot help but love that delectable, soft, squishy orange filling you find inside your favourite chocoloate.  So when I first smelt the fragrance from this Scentsy Bar, Cocoa Clementine (above), I couldn’t help smiling!  It’s exactly what it’s made out to be ~ especially for those of us who are beyond feeling guilty…

Maybe it has something to do with the scent of childhood? Orange’s cut up into wedges and brought onto the sports field when we played our hockey matches under hot summer skies as children; chocolate treats and candy after meals at the weekends… Yes, life was a little different back then, and sweets were treats…

So it’s not too hard to imagine how great it would be to spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by your favourite orange chocolate fragrance? Just pop a section of Cocoa Clementine Scentsy Bar in your favourite Scentsy warmer, switch it on, relax and enjoy the orange Scentsy fragrance wafting through your home… It’s as simple as that!

With the February Scentsy Sale  you can get what you want with a 10% discount – so now there’s nothing to worry about; just how quickly can I place my ORDER? That’s easy too…  (For extra savings both a Warmer and the Scentsy Bar wickless fragrances will be way less if you shop through with Combine & Save)

But if you’re still wondering how you’re going to get through Valentine’s day without having your favorite citrus sensation or dabble in Cocoa Clementine, this blog post at Beauty News NYC will give you more great ideas.  Either way, enjoy the treat!