Wonderful crisp winter evenings and flakes of snow are welcoming a cozy holiday season and Christmas is almost upon us ~ so what is fueling the fun with Scentsy?


1) Our NEW Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog offers some scrumptious new warmers and scents along with the gorgeous Holiday collection; including some bargain deals to make the most of this Cyber Monday with Closeout and Warmer & Scent of the Month specials!

2) Velata fun fondues ( are forever popular & a fabulous Gift Choice for Christmas parties and gifts…

3)  If you’re into BAGS & jewellery to match your style look at Grace Adele:  – yet another product line from the Scentsy Family Group.  If you’re interested in signing up for this I can help you do that – just get in touch by submitting my Contact Form, along with any queries.

Scentsy is fun, especially meeting so many people from all walks of life!! You can do it full time OR part time.  Enjoy bringing in as much as you want and help pay for that special project you’ve been planning or save for that special holiday you’ve been dreaming about.

Learn More about the Scentsy Family on ourSCENTSY FAMILY FOUNDATION website.

Facebook – Look forward to chatting with you on my “Wickless Fragrances” Fan Page with new brands, videos, tips & giveaways!

Click on CONTACT if you have any queries – and I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Have a wonderful day, a Festive Holiday Season and “Thanks for dropping by my blog.”  


  • Anne

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