Scentsy Spring Sprint 2012!

Scentsy Spring Sprint is being held in Vancouver this weekend and this is where the inside scoop on how different fragrances speak to us was explained by pyschotherapist, Kimberley Moffit on Breakfast Television – Vancouver, in January, 2012:

 Scentsy’s diverse fragrances combine signature scents with memory and mood – from portable to home fragrance collections; so that’s why Scentsy has over 80 for you to choose from… Find a Scentsy Fragrance that connects with you today and don’t forget to explore the new ScenTrend fragrance for 2012, “Pink Pepper”.

Those of us prone to the February blues are either heading south to the sunny beaches and bistros of Mexico, or looking for something to cheer us up here at home…

Thankfully, there’s plenty new products pushing their way up into the Scentsy family this Spring, just as those new spring bulbs outside in the rain.  Come March 1st, Scnetsy will introduce two whole new product lines with an online gift card service that doesn’t just look the way you want them to, but also smell uniquely Scentsy too.

That’s what’s Sincerely Scent will deliver to you, so look out for them here: or on my official Scentsy Website come March 1st.

There will also be Layers by Scentsy that will have everything and everyone in your home smelling good too.  Find out more here… Layers by Scentsy FAQ 

I think you’ll agree Scentsy smells good, and that rain can just…

be on it’s way!


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