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Share Fantastic Belgian Chocolate Fondues with Velata!

At last Velata Fondues with silky smooth and exquisite Belgian chocolate for dessert tonight…

Not just a wish, soon to be a reality. I have my Velata Fondue kit arriving any day now and my taste buds can’t wait!! Today, May 1st, Scentsy have just launched a new product line with “VELATA” an enticing array of brightly coloured warmers along the lines of the much loved and traditional Scentsy Wickless Warmers which have proved so popular over the last few years since the company launched in 2004.

So what is different about the “Velata” Fondue warmers?

Think chocolate!  The Scentsy Group have designed special silicone lids to warm dark, silky, deliciously smooth Belgian chocolate to that “perfect” temperature!  Warming your appetite with Belgian chocolate in a Velata Fondue warmer is something any chocolate lover needs to experience.

Velata Chocolate

Even though I mention ‘dark’ chocolate because it’s my favourite, Velata also offer three other velvety chocolate flavours, namely ‘milk’, ‘white’ and ‘caramel.’  These come in microwaveable pouches which pour easily into the Velata fondue lid, once warmed. The new Scentsy fondue warmer lids then maintain the perfect dipping temperature to enhance your chocolate fondue experience.

Velata Fondue warmers themselves are designed in contemporary colours and typically Scentsy designs to appeal to a wide audience, from the sleek sophisticat ‘Black’ Velata to the summer fresh blue, green, red and orange colours we love at this time of year.   Whether you favour the vivaciousness of the ‘Curve‘ collection, the sunny statement of the “Pedestal” collection …

OR the sleek romance of the Rouge and Noir collections, there’s a Velata Fondue for everyone’s taste.

The Scentsy Group are masters at anticipating what their customers enjoy and I think the new Velata Fondues are going to be a popular feature between families and especially at summer parties and BBQs this Summer 2012!


What’s With Oranges & Scentsy on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s Begin with Why People Love Oranges, and Chocolate?

I have no idea!  All I know, is that I cannot help but love that delectable, soft, squishy orange filling you find inside your favourite chocoloate.  So when I first smelt the fragrance from this Scentsy Bar, Cocoa Clementine (above), I couldn’t help smiling!  It’s exactly what it’s made out to be ~ especially for those of us who are beyond feeling guilty…

Maybe it has something to do with the scent of childhood? Orange’s cut up into wedges and brought onto the sports field when we played our hockey matches under hot summer skies as children; chocolate treats and candy after meals at the weekends… Yes, life was a little different back then, and sweets were treats…

So it’s not too hard to imagine how great it would be to spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by your favourite orange chocolate fragrance? Just pop a section of Cocoa Clementine Scentsy Bar in your favourite Scentsy warmer, switch it on, relax and enjoy the orange Scentsy fragrance wafting through your home… It’s as simple as that!

With the February Scentsy Sale  you can get what you want with a 10% discount – so now there’s nothing to worry about; just how quickly can I place my ORDER? That’s easy too…  (For extra savings both a Warmer and the Scentsy Bar wickless fragrances will be way less if you shop through with Combine & Save)

But if you’re still wondering how you’re going to get through Valentine’s day without having your favorite citrus sensation or dabble in Cocoa Clementine, this blog post at Beauty News NYC will give you more great ideas.  Either way, enjoy the treat!