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Celebrate Father’s Day with Scentsy!

Are the men in your life super hero’s in your family who also enjoy some time off fishing All loving Fathers are heros in our lives, and deserve to be spoilt this Father’s Day.  Often there are so many things that our Father’s do for us that we take for granted. Whether it’s the love they share for you and your child, or the loving father figure they provide for your children to admire!  Many a hug and a kiss for and from Dad’s make the Fathers in our lives one of a kind, ours only – Dad’s who are priceless, precious and heartwarming!

Often Fathers are also the main income earner in the family and that security is something to be thankful for, but so often we forget to thank them for it.  The Fathers in our lives also love to be kids and the adventure they provide with impromptu camping trips or fishing expeditions provide memories that are cherished for ever.  Dads often jump at a chance to get outside with the kids – heck it gives them a chance to be what they love being most – a kid at heart, right?

Fathers who love to spend time with their children are often enjoying a well-deserved chance for them to de-stress.  Any opportunity to forget the office, the mortgage, the necessary areas of our life that burden us, is a gift.  Stress is a killer for both Mothers and Fathers – and if we suffer, our kids do too!

Any surprise that Scentsy chose “Lotus Cove” as our Father’s Day Scent of the Month this year?  De-stress when you dive into a crystalline pool of cool water tucked into a secluded cove with the June, Scentsy Scent of the Month: Lotus Cove.  Lotus Cove is a splash of sea air, earthy lavender, and water flowers anchored by rustic driftwood.