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Spring Into a Scentsy Summer!

At last, Spring is officially here – even as far North as we find ourselves in Canada!

Despite the past April Showers, nothing can stop the delight bright yellow daffodils, purple pansies and pink tulips bring to weary, winter sodden eyes ūüôā as we look forward to May and summer sunshine…


With the new Spring and Summer fragrances available now through Scentsy, we can at last dream of stretching out on sun-drenched grass to let the long winter chill become a distant memory ~ replaced only by the nurturing warmth of spring.

Relax and remember the freewheeling days of summers past and find out how simple it is to create new, radiant memories with these gorgeous new scents… A few of my new favorites so far, are: “Serene Green“, “Tiare¬†Maohi” and “A Wink and a Smile“.¬† As you will discover, these three wickless fragrances conjure images of tulips, and daffodils, distant beaches with luscious gardenia and coconut¬†as well as¬†the happiness of lime, verbena and citrus to refresh the senses!

SBAWSMore new fragrances introduced this Scentsy Spring Summer Catalogue include “Pink Cutie¬†Pie” with a kaleidoscope of fresh citrus (clementines, puckery¬†pomelo, and sunny mandarin) with a swoosh of musk.

While “Lime & Kiwi” introduces a refreshing mixture of summer cooler, with icy lime, juicy kiwi, and bright cantaloupe.¬† SBLKC

Mmmmm…. summer days ahead, not an April shower too soon ūüôā¬† I know everyone I’ve shared these new fragrances with have loved them.

Especially¬†enjoyable¬†in this year’s Scentsy Spring Summer collection is¬†the natural, fruit and floral nature of these beautiful fragrances.¬† Simply gorgeous at bringing the outdoors in, as only Scentsy can.

I know I’m enjoying the ability to switch up my Scents as the mood takes me ~ and I know it’s safe, sunny and good enough to share with friends and family.¬† If you ever have any questions about these wonderful wickless fragrances, please feel free to contact me on my website at https://YourSuper.Scentsy.ca.¬† Speak soon and have a wonderful Spring and Summer!


Scentsy Party Rewards Double Up January

Why is January a great time to host a Scentsy Party!?

… Because you may agree that “Half For Free Sounds Good to Me”

During the month of January only, Scentsy is offering double Half-Price Host Rewards to be earned on all party orders of $150 (USD) / $200 (CAD) or more. This is a great reason to host a party. And here’s how simple it is…

But wait ~ what is so great about a Scentsy party?¬† It’s the sparkle you get when friends and Scentsy products discover each other, it happens naturally‚ÄĒlaughing, sharing, and reminiscing! Time and again our Scentsy wickless fragrances evoke special memories and have different meanings for everyone. That’s why our products can’t be explained‚ÄĒthey have to be experienced. And that’s why Scentsy parties are so much fun!

Flameless, smokeless, and soot-free‚ÄĒ Yes,¬†Scentsy’s wickless candle bars and electric warmers ensure you enjoy all the sensory delights of scented candles without the dangers of an open flame. How does it work you may ask? Simply turn it on and enjoy one of 80-plus unique Scentsy fragrances.

To find out more, visit my website here: https://YourSuper.Scentsy.ca and select the Host Page where you have access to all the information you need about a Scentsy Party. Decide what style of party you want to enjoy, SEE the double host rewards on offer this month and then Schedule a Party. I will be in touch as soon as I receive your request.

The double Half-Price Host Rewards apply to all qualifying party orders, even those where I, as your Consultant act as your Host online, so you don’t even have to attend a “party” as such! If you¬†live in South Surrey/White Rock/Cloverdale/Langley/Delta/Surrey near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada and want to host a Scentsy Party (either Basket/Home/Open House), please Contact me today!

Scentsy cannot offer the Double Half-Price rewards on traditional online orders i.e. it does not apply to online shoppers who have purchased enough to qualify for half-price items online (you will still get them, but not double); and it does not include Host Credit (percentage of free product) at all parties.

However, if you don’t have the space or time to host a traditional Scentsy Party for Scentsy Product please also feel free to Contact me for “online” orders through the Contact Form on my website here: https://YourSuper.Scentsy.ca where I will “POOL”¬†your order with others¬†to help you earn some Half-Price product and free shipping which you normally would not be able to enjoy¬†on orders <$200 CAD.


It’s as simple as browsing online,¬†as if you were going to place an order… but do not place your order online…¬†Instead¬†browse,¬†decide what you like and add it to your cart to view how much it comes to with Shipping (this S&H is what you will save by putting the order through me instead). So Contact me through my official website, click the category: Buying Scentsy Product & send me your order details & how you wish to pay for it? I will respond as soon as I receive your request.

What is in this for¬†you? By pooling your orders with my other customers, in an Online Party, I¬†can ensure you get your choice of a Half-Price Item plus free Shipping.¬† The only condition is that I receive enough pooled orders to qualify the Party i.e. orders must¬†equal or¬†be greater than the ¬†US$150/CA$200 target for a “Party” to be qualified.

Qualifying Parties are eligible for January 2012’s Double up half-price rewards. So visit¬†my Website www.YourSuper.Scentsy.ca today; spread the word and let me know what you want and how you want to pay for it? We accept most Credit Cards for online orders through our Scentsy Workstations.

To qualify, orders must be placed and parties must be closed by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on January 31.

January Special “Valentine” and “Linger”

Scentsy on Forbes Magazine’s Most Promising List

Scentsy found itself in the News again when, this December 2011, Forbes Magazine named Scentsy number 66 on its 2011 list of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies.

The list features ‚Äú100 privately held up-and-comers with compelling business models, strong management teams, notable customers, strategic partners and precious investment capital.‚ÄĚ

Scentsy was in fact the largest company on the list, based on revenue and employees, with 2010 revenues of $381 million and an employee base of 750.

Visit http://www.forbes.com/lists/2011/28/most-promising-companies-11_Scentsy_JCVZ.html to see the Forbes’ feature on Scentsy!

Home Decor Making Scents with Scentsy!

Canada’s Calgary Sun¬†newspaper featured a full page feature focusing on Scentsy in an article entitled, “Making Scents of the Season.”

You will find suggestions from Heidi Thompson (co-owner of Scentsy Inc.) who¬†suggests using Scentsy warmers and fragrances to create “an autumnal feeling in your home.”¬†Scentsy is featured here as¬†a¬†trend setter in home decor styles¬†and fragrances!

Scentsy products, which include authentic ceramic warmers and scentsy bars, appeal to a huge audience and is catching on fast with young and old alike, excited to add a touch of contemporary flair to their homes this season!

This article positions Scentsy as a large, growing company in the North American Home Decor industry; and we look forward to sharing the amazing Scentsy story as it continues to unfold!

Scentsy Introduce NEW Fragrances and Warmers this Holiday Season!

Looking for “Cool Christmas Gifts?”

There’s no shortage of¬†great Gift Giving Ideas at Scentsy! From the Annual Holiday Collection to the¬†Rolling Hills of Tuscany, Scentsy Introduce NEW Warmers and Scents¬†this Holiday Season…

View the¬†new¬†TOSCANA¬†collection of warmers and and enjoy a whiff of fragrance and design inspired by ancient, sun-drenched hills and vineyards in France when you introduce these premium designs to your home decor and¬†celebrate¬†‚Äúla dolce vita‚ÄĚ (the sweet life)!

Then let our fantastic, low-melting point, long lasting wax bars from Scentsy transport you over the¬†Seven Seas¬†where you can enjoy these tantalizing¬†wickless fragrances amongst others, like ‘Amalfi Coast‘, ‘Kahiko Hula‘ and ‘Spice Bazaar‘…

and HOME ¬†again in time for the¬†Holiday Season, Christmas and all…¬†with these dinkum little PLUG IN warmers especially designed to deck the halls‚ÄĒand other small spaces ‚ÄĒ NEW holiday Plug-In Scentsy Warmers.

with awesome Fall and Winter fragrance collections …


while larger Holiday Warmers

… enhance those rooms where quality is “Premium” with¬†‘belts and buckles’ to ‘holiday treats’ that look good enough to eat! ¬†These intricate details and decorative ornaments found in Scentsy’s Premium Full-Size Warmers will elevate your seasonal d√©cor to something truly spectacular as you embrace a popular new gift giving idea in North America!

No wonder SCENTSY is a Gift Giving favorite across North America this Holiday Season!

Where QUALITY is Premium!

Scentsy Donate Over Half A Million Towards Breast Cancer Research & Awareness in 2011!

Love, Life, Hope

Scentsy’s last charitable warmer helped raise over $600,000 for Breast Cancer early detection and research.¬† They now hope to raise over a Million by 2013.

Scentsy Charitable Cause Warmers – Warm, Enliven, Inspire!

Every six months, the Scentsy Family Foundation choose a NEW Charity to help…

and create a NEW Charitable Cause product to support that cause.

Scentsy Products are a beautiful way to engage people and promote a message with which to raise funds for people in need… and the organizations that help them.


Meet “SASHA” our very first Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy!

You’ll make a child’s day when you give Sasha, Scentsy’s first Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy, in support of the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities¬ģ to improve the health and well-being of children all over the world.

Scentsy will donate 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this Buddy directly to the organization.

Your Price: $36.00

Don’t forget to Build a Multi-Pack¬† so you can Choose the Fragrance of the Scent Pak that you want to¬†insert in the back of a Scentsy Buddy.¬† That’s what makes them smell so good!

Also we recommend giving a Buddy to a child of 3 years or older.


In Spring/Summer 2011 the Scentsy Family Foundation introduced the:

Piece by Piece Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

“Colorful jigsaw pieces playfully pop out from the puzzle adorning¬†Piece by Piece,

Scentsy‚Äôs newest Charitable Cause Warmer, designed to represent the mission of Autism Speaks‚ĄĘ.”

Sales of¬†“Piece by Piece” benefit Autism Speaks‚ĄĘ,¬†an organization for which Scentsy is now a Corporate Sponsor, and who have funded global research since 2005 to spread awareness and provide hope to families whose loved ones receive this complex diagnosis. ¬†Their mission: solving the puzzle piece by piece.

In September 2011 the Scentsy Family Foundation presented a cheque for $533,880 to ‘Autism Speaks’ in New York City!


As¬†Independent¬†Scentsy Consultants, we also offer different forms of fundraising. We¬†are committed to helping ordinary people in clubs, organizations, schools and sports teams to reach their goals.¬†¬†For more information about¬†Scentsy Fundraisers through Fairs & Trade Shows, and Door-to-Door Campaigns, please find out more on my PAGE: ¬†“What is a Scentsy Fundraiser?”¬† OR¬†contact me on my website:¬†https://YourSuper.Scentsy.ca.

Scentsy Wickless Fragrances Enliven Your Home!

Safer * Stronger * Longer Lasting *

What are these wickless wonders made by Scentsy? How can you have a beautiful scented candle without a wick? Well since 2009, Canada has enjoyed the “hottest” new thing since scented candles, without all the safety issues that have plagued candles for decades!

For those who are wondering ‘What is a Scentsy warmer?’ – they are the next best thing to scented candles ~ absolutely beautiful ceramic warmers with a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts a fragrant Scentsy bar in the lid on top ~ which fill your home or office with one of more than 80 great, long-lasting scents! ¬†These gorgeous scents are produced in Boise, Idaho where Scentsy started up over six years ago. ¬†They are one of the fasted growing companies according to¬†500 Inc. and operate in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico & Guam.¬†¬†In 2011, Scentsy¬†expanded into Germany, the UK and Ireland which is another sign of the company’s phenomenal growth, despite the economy!

Myself, I was introduced to Scentsy when I purchased “Angora”¬† through a friend of mine who is a Star Director with Scentsy here in beautiful British Columbia.

Altogether,¬†Scentsy boast over 11 Full-Size Warmer collections and each is a delight for those who enjoy the latest in trendy design, texture and colour to complement their home or office decor! ¬†Another good reason why office personnel are now asking for¬†Scentsy Basket parties at work… not just Avon & Mary Kay who have been around for years… Scentsy is new, safe and trendy!

This is why Scentsy Makes Perfect Scents!

So, as you can see it’s not difficult to enjoy Scentsy; and here are just a few reasons why I love their products and use wickless candle warmers in my home, car and gym bag:

  • First of all the ceramic warmers look stunning everywhere in my home, with so many different designs to match any room, decor, personal taste, age group in our family;
  • Secondly, the fragrances are awesome and¬†Scentsy also use these in their other products, namely the popular Travel Tins, Scent Paks, Fragrance Foams, Room Sprays and Scent Circles. With over 80 fragrances to choose from, ¬†there is certainly something for everyone in my family :); and
  • Thirdly, because there is no flame, Scentsy is safer than a candle. I don’t ever have to worry that my pets will knock it over and start a fire, or anyone could get burned the way they could with candles and an open flame. ¬†Also, there is no dirty or dangerous smoke to breathe in or soot to deposit on our walls.

See what other people think  and what Scentsy is hoping to achieve with their products in this short Scentsy Video:

Scentsy Canada keep consultants and customers coming back for more with numerous exciting ways to Donate, Save and Participate in their communities. With creative fundraising and both annual / monthly specials, Scentsy is constantly raising awareness and increasing their customer base with families, individuals, businesses and charities. ¬†They make it a priority to reach out to those who need a helping hand or just an incentive to make a difference in someone’s life, e.g.

  • SCENTSY FUNDRAISERS¬† ~ Raising awareness for Charities, with the Charitable Cause Warmers e.g. Spring/Summer 2011 they raised over 522,000 for¬†AUTISM SPEAKS through sales and the SCENTSY FAMILY FOUNDATION.

Monthly special warmers introduce spectacular new designs that soon prove popular and often remain in demand long beyond their sell-by dates!

Harvest Means "Maize!"