How Do I Get FREE Scentsy?

* At a Scentsy Party *


An Awesome Way to Get FREE Scentsy!

Hosting a Party is the best way to get free and half-price Scentsy products through Scentsy Rewards which makes holding a Scentsy party not just fun, but something you will be glad you did.  Not only will you be getting great product, but your friends will then have the chance to do the same, so essentially you are spreading the love around.  Parties are also cool since now all Scentsy orders in Canada, e.g. online/party/basket/fundraisers over CAD $200 (US $150) in retail (product ) are shipped for free.

SEE the Free Shipping Chart to explore your options today.

Home Parties:  Also there’s more than one way to hold a Scentsy Party.  Throwing a Traditional Home Party is a good one, as people have very different opinions when it comes to fragrance— and that’s what makes a home party so much fun. Pass around more than 80 scent testers and listen to the reactions—whether you agree or disagree, they’re sure to make you laugh. This party style is ideal for everyone on your guest list, whether they’re already fans or new to Scentsy. You provide the location, invite friends and family, and supply simple refreshments — your Scentsy Consultant takes care of the rest.

If your guests can’t make it to your party, bring a Basket Party to them! While it may not offer the full social experience of a home party, the Scentsy basket party is the perfect alternative for guests-on-the-go.  Your super scentsy consultant will provide you with a beautiful display basket full of Scentsy product samples, order forms, and all the information you need. You’ll have 10–14 days to share it with as many people you can at as many locations you like. Then you’ll return the basket—and completed order forms—to him/her to be processed.

Scentsy Open House are a super alternative if your guests have already heard about Scentsy. You can invite your guests to drop by at their convenience during a two- to three-hour window—they can come and go as they wish. The presentation should be short and sweet, questions will be answered and several “mini” presentations given… Guests can browse products and mingle at their leisure—it’s the ultimate casual Scentsy experience.

Outside Orders are an opportunity for you to collect orders before your party from guests who can’t attend to maximize your Host Rewards! And don’t forget— ask these customers if they’d like to book their own Scentsy party, too. You’ll earn an additional half-price item for each party booked through yours.

Scentsy Online Party Assistant is one efficient and speedy way to organize your party with E-Vites straight from an official Scentsy Website!  When you sign up to host a Scentsy party, you get access to this online tool that will help you put all the pieces together. It’s like having a temporary website where you can access everything you’ll need to manage your party.

Contact me today if you have any more queries 🙂


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