Scentsy Story

Enliven your home with Scentsy wickless candles

Fizz and Fun… is why people love it!

Simplicity is key to a home with Scentsy Fizz 

The Scentsy Warmer has NO flame – instead it uses a tiny low-watt electric BULB ( 15-25 watt depending on the size) to warm the lid. Switch it on and the wax you place in the lid will melt, switch it off and the wax will solidify.  No fumes, smoke, soot – very clean and safe, often even those who suffer from allergies have been surprised at how they can enjoy these fragrances too.

Choose your favourite fragrance which comes in the form of a wax Scentsy Bar, break off 2 cubes of wax and pop them into the lid of your Scentsy Warmer.  Switch it on and enjoy the fragrance!

Scentsy Bars last on average between 60-80 hours each… that’s a lot of fragrance and they have over 80 wickless fragrances from which to choose.  Change it up everyday to match your mood, or an occasion, with your favourite Scentsy fragrance in any of Scentsy’s wide selection of beautiful ceramic warmers.  Scentsy warmers are a safe, sootless, wickless and leadless alternative to popular scented candles – without the dangers which link candles to flames and fires.

Scentsy produce these gorgeous fragrances in Boise, Idaho where Scentsy started up over six years ago.  They are one of the fasted growing companies according to 500 Inc. and operate in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Germany, the UK, and Ireland.  Scentsy are expanding…

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