Scentsy Family News – May/June

Scentsy Family in the news:

The Ashbury Full-Size Scentsy Warmer:

featured on as an “eye-popping” accent to liven up your home.

Our Ashbury warmer was featured with products from other top home décor brands, including Anthropologie and All Modern — I have to love the creativity of Scentsy designers!

And find out WHY there  is such…

Broad Appeal for ScenTrend 2012: Pink Pepper

 … as revealed on, the web version of the leading health and lifestyle magazine.  They quoted Heidi Thompson on ScenTrend 2012: Pink Pepper and why it has such broad appeal. 

Mix ScenTrend with other Scentsy bar fragrances (with the little ScenTrend logo) and this fragrance enhances them to new levels in your home or office.  Read more in the article here.

While the Silhouette Collection Cast Their Shadows:

The Canadian blogging website,, featured the Loom Silhouette Warmer as a perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day. Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, I will always love this collection, and although I prefer ‘Lili’ I agree Loom is a very stylish Scentsy warmer too. Read more in the article here.



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