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Spring Into a Scentsy Summer!

At last, Spring is officially here – even as far North as we find ourselves in Canada!

Despite the past April Showers, nothing can stop the delight bright yellow daffodils, purple pansies and pink tulips bring to weary, winter sodden eyes ūüôā as we look forward to May and summer sunshine…


With the new Spring and Summer fragrances available now through Scentsy, we can at last dream of stretching out on sun-drenched grass to let the long winter chill become a distant memory ~ replaced only by the nurturing warmth of spring.

Relax and remember the freewheeling days of summers past and find out how simple it is to create new, radiant memories with these gorgeous new scents… A few of my new favorites so far, are: “Serene Green“, “Tiare¬†Maohi” and “A Wink and a Smile“.¬† As you will discover, these three wickless fragrances conjure images of tulips, and daffodils, distant beaches with luscious gardenia and coconut¬†as well as¬†the happiness of lime, verbena and citrus to refresh the senses!

SBAWSMore new fragrances introduced this Scentsy Spring Summer Catalogue include “Pink Cutie¬†Pie” with a kaleidoscope of fresh citrus (clementines, puckery¬†pomelo, and sunny mandarin) with a swoosh of musk.

While “Lime & Kiwi” introduces a refreshing mixture of summer cooler, with icy lime, juicy kiwi, and bright cantaloupe.¬† SBLKC

Mmmmm…. summer days ahead, not an April shower too soon ūüôā¬† I know everyone I’ve shared these new fragrances with have loved them.

Especially¬†enjoyable¬†in this year’s Scentsy Spring Summer collection is¬†the natural, fruit and floral nature of these beautiful fragrances.¬† Simply gorgeous at bringing the outdoors in, as only Scentsy can.

I know I’m enjoying the ability to switch up my Scents as the mood takes me ~ and I know it’s safe, sunny and good enough to share with friends and family.¬† If you ever have any questions about these wonderful wickless fragrances, please feel free to contact me on my website at¬† Speak soon and have a wonderful Spring and Summer!


What’s With Oranges & Scentsy on Valentine’s Day?

Let’s¬†Begin with Why People Love¬†Oranges,¬†and Chocolate?

I have no idea!¬† All I know, is that I cannot help but love that delectable,¬†soft, squishy orange filling you find inside your favourite¬†chocoloate.¬† So when I first smelt the fragrance from¬†this¬†Scentsy Bar, Cocoa Clementine¬†(above), I couldn’t help smiling!¬† It’s exactly what it’s made out to be ~¬†especially¬†for those of us who are beyond feeling guilty…

Maybe it has something to do with the scent of childhood?¬†Orange’s cut up into wedges and brought onto the sports¬†field when we played our hockey matches under hot summer skies as children; chocolate treats and candy after meals at the weekends… Yes, life was a little different back then, and sweets were treats…

So it’s not too hard to imagine how great it would be¬†to spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by your favourite orange chocolate fragrance?¬†Just pop a section of Cocoa Clementine Scentsy Bar in your favourite Scentsy warmer, switch it on,¬†relax and enjoy the orange Scentsy fragrance wafting through your home… It’s as simple as that!

With the February Scentsy Sale¬†¬†you can¬†get¬†what you want with a 10% discount – so now there’s¬†nothing to worry about; just how quickly can I place my ORDER? That’s easy too…¬† (For extra savings both a Warmer and the Scentsy Bar wickless fragrances will be way less if you shop through with Combine & Save)

But if you’re still wondering how you’re going to get through Valentine’s day without having your favorite citrus sensation or dabble in Cocoa Clementine, this blog post¬†at Beauty News NYC¬†will give you more great ideas.¬† Either way, enjoy the treat!

Enhance Your Home Decor with ScenTrend 2012

Scentsy is leading the way for new fragrances that captivate the imagination of Home Owners, young¬†at heart and more mature alike… Anyone interested in the home decor industry will enjoy learning about and experiencing Scentsy’s new trending fragrances and scents ~ Lovers and others on the lookout for new wickless fragrances you can find them here at ScenTrend.

@ SCENTREND ~¬†Discover what Pink Pepper, Pixies¬†& Feisty Spices have in Common… LOL

This new Scentsy Bar range is the result of careful analysis of the fragrances people are trending toward, and certainly no mystery considering everyone enjoys a fabulous smelling home, which is why the hip, hop Рall ages and fantastically loyal fragrance fanatics are scentrend…ing with Scentsy.

Pop sections of wax from your Scentsy Bar into any of the myriad of fabulous Scentsy Warmers, and scents like ‚ÄúPink Pepper‚Äú or the February Scent of the Month, ‚ÄúPixie‚ÄĚ will dazzle your senses‚Ķ

Take advantage of the February Scentsy Sale to get on board for scentsational discounts too. Enjoy!